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About Vipul Kocher

Founder of testAIng, Vipul Kocher excels in turning his ideas into reality with his strategic and systematic approach. Equipped with a master's degree from IIT Delhi, his capabilities are nothing short of stellar.
As an investor in the power of ideas, he plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of AI model testing at testAIng.com. Additionally, he serves as the President of Verity Software, a leading training company in the industry. His influence extends further as the National Convenor at Indic Academy and as a member of Marwari Catalysts and STeP-IN forum.
Notably, he is the Founder of WhatIsTesting.com, a valuable resource for software testing enthusiasts. In the past, he also co-founded PureTesting, solidifying his expertise in software testing, test consulting, training, and test management.

With his extensive knowledge and experience, he is a true authority in the field of software testing and his contributions have made a profound impact on the industry.

Vipul Kocher


  • Noida U.P