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About Vaibhav Kathju

Co-Founder of a Neo-Bank for Women by the name of Mahila Money, an alumnus of IE Business School, Madrid, Vaibhav Kathju comes from a rich experience in BFSI of 18 years, and has been recognized as one of the 100 Top Most Influential BFSI Leaders by the World BFSI Congress.

He has made his mark in companies like Deutsche Bank, DBS, TransUnion Cibil and HDFC. He has predominantly worked with the new age banking platforms and emerging alliances in the digital space for India. He has initiated and grown many niche programs in his tenures, the impact and thought processes of which are truly influential.

Notably, as Head of India Insurance at TransUnion Cibil, he positioned the Indian insurance business among the top 4 international markets within 18 months. In his role as Head of Emerging Alliances at HDFC Life, he spearheaded the business contributing to over 20% of annual lives covered.
His extensive knowledge and experience have cemented his position as an influential figure in the industry. Whether it's establishing new verticals in large organizations or driving start-up initiatives for multinational companies, he has consistently demonstrated his ability to make a transformative impact.

Vaibhav Kathju

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