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About Surashree Rahane

Surashree Rahane, the Founder and CEO of Yearbook Canvas, is a highly motivated and compassionate individual who believes in the power of community, mentors, and gratitude.

With a strong background in education, business development, marketing, and strategy, she has amassed 12+ years of experience working with esteemed organizations like HP, PepsiCo, and Bhau Institute of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership.

Her work has been recognized through her appearances as an official TED speaker and three-time Josh Talks speaker. She has also been published in notable publications like The Indian Express and Your Story.

She also holds international certifications from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and PennGSE, further fueling her quest to be a lifelong learner and a valuable resource for the industry.

Surashree Rahane

Founder & CEO,
Yearbook Canvas

  • Bengaluru, Karnataka, India