About Mentor

About Sushil Sharma

A resilient entrepreneur who went from struggling founder to funded founder, angel investor, and an influential figure in revolutionizing the startup ecosystem in untapped Tier II & Tier III cities of India. Overcoming multiple failures, he harnessed his experiences with intelligence and achieved notable milestones:

  • Ranked globally <50 on Crunchbase.
  • Recognized as the Rajasthan Brand Ambassador by Rajasthan Foundation.
  • Convenor of ESC Rajasthan Chapter.
  • Featured in Dainik Bhaskar's top 10 Business/Startup Industry figures in Rajasthan.
  • Advisor for setting up an IT park in Western Rajasthan by the Government.
  • Received an award at IITbizz Bangalore from the Government of India.
  • Boasts 60+ startup portfolios and is a member of the 100+ Co-Founders Club.
  • Represented India in IT delegations across 10+ countries with ESC.

Sushil Sharma

Founder & CEO,
Marwari Catalysts

  • Jodhpur