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About Dharamveer Chouhan

Dharamveer Singh Chouhan is the Co-Founder & CEO, ZO World - a hostel network for travelers.
An experienced Chief Executive Officer, he has an impressive track record in the internet industry. With a diverse skill set that includes business ideas, entrepreneurship, hospitality, gamification, and even poker, he brings a unique blend of expertise to the table. Graduating from IIM Calcutta, one of India's premier business schools, he is a true business development professional.
But here's what sets him apart - he's not afraid of failure. In fact, he's embraced the invaluable lessons that entrepreneurship teaches through his own experiences. He took India's first backpacker hostel chain and transformed it into the world's largest, overcoming challenges and obstacles along the way.

Dharamveer Chouhan

Co-Founder & CEO,
ZO World

  • Jodhpur